7 mars 2012

Sunny yellow and peachy pink

Last photo: Gastrochic.com

Smiles, sun and colour. I have always loved vivid colours - and right now bright sunny yellow and peachy pink  is one of my favourite combos. When I found the yellow skirt, at a goodwill store in Stockholm, it instantly put a smile on my face. I always feel a bit brave wearing it, beacuse dark long days during wintertime in Sweden makes you wanna dress in gray and black. 

The shirt is from my local goodwill store.  I won the necklace at a auction on Swedish ebay. It's made in the 70's by finnish design studio Kalevala. The ring used to belong to my late grandmother and it's from the 20's. 

Love the picture of Natalie Joos, Elisa Nalin and Tamu Mcpherson. I loved it so much, it inspired my outfit today. 

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  1. oooh yes! i love all of the fun colors! i wish i could get away with wearing ultra bright colors! but i have red hair and sometimes it just clashes!

    drop by allister bee soon!

  2. Such a happy combination,Thea! Great pics!
    Thanks for stopping by and commenting

    Big hugs!


  3. A lovely combination of inspiring colors! love it Thea!


  4. Couldn't think of a more bright color combination, the match with those tulips is perfection. I love your fringed skirt, I wanted to buy last year one but never did. The ladies in the last photo truly represent the Spring feeling, aka joy.
    How great is it to wear jewelry with so much history? How cool to have won the auction :)

  5. Pure sunshine.
    In fact I love all your posts, and very jealous of your kimono and temperley skirt!

  6. Oh I adore this! Great color combination and inspiration!

  7. Great ideas and good taste!

  8. Your ring and necklace are gorgeous!

  9. thank you for your message!
    Beautiful discovery that "thea's vintage" for me!
    Vive le soleil :)

  10. Sunny yellow is definitely one of the best colors in the world. Peach ain't so bad either.

  11. Oh my goodness, how amazing is that yellow pleated skirt?!!
    I love yellow, its such a pick-me-up colour!

    x Aliya

  12. Love it all! Can't wait to see what you have in store for future post! Followin' you on Blog Lovin'! xoxo A-

  13. This is so inspirational, beautiful pictures! Yellow really gets me happy :)


  14. Such a pretty collection, with such gorgeous bright colours! Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting btw - your blog is gorgeous! Following! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}