2 apr. 2013

My webshop theasvintage.com is finally open!

My webshop is open! Please have a look and I hope you'll leave it with something you love!
We ship to all countries!

2 dec. 2012

Thea's vintage on Insta

I am so excited to show you my soon to be released vintage shop www.theasvintage.com and Theasvintage on Etsy!

But in the meantime - please have a look at Theasvintage on Instagram. I am posting news and glimpses of my everyday vintage life (and some pics of my dear pug Thea).  I would love to follow you  - please let my know your Insta name.

Have a great day! / Petra

3 nov. 2012

Some sneak peaks..

Here are some glimpses of what I am up to. I've been in Los Angeles and California for almost a month, seeking inspiration and making purchases for my soon-to-opened online vintage shop.
I have visited some very inspiring vintage shops, boutiques and markets. I really loved L.A and could easily picture myself living there.
Back in Stockholm - I am setting up my online vintage shop. I just took a break from my job as a freelance journalist, so that I have the time to set up everything just the way I  want it to be.

I am really excited and it´s a dream come true!!

I will bring my blog back to life again as I have missed blogging a lot.

8 sep. 2012

Online vintage boutique

Dear readers! I am so sorry for my absence. I'm working on my soon-to-be released online vintage boutique. It has been a dream of mine for a long time. Therefore I'l be making changes to this blog.

Please have a look on Instagram in the meantime - my name is theasvintage. And please let me know your name too so I can follow :-)

19 juli 2012

Italian vintage roses - a fairytale

I love wearing roses in the summer. This beautiful 50's skirt is one of a kind. It's made out of silk and has gigantic deeply pink roses stiched to it. It's made in Firenze, one of my favourite places in Italy. Even the label is beautiful in itself.

The lady I bought it from had won at an auction in Paris. Apparently someone had left it in the drycleaners over 30 years ago and never picked it up. The dry cleaner finally donated it to a Parisian auction house. It feels almost new, even though it´s 60 years old. I love when you have the privilege to know the story of a vintage item. It makes it even more special. A vintage fairytale.

11 juli 2012

Art deco inspired fan earrings

I've been on the hunt for fan-shaped golden earrings for a long time. I found a pair last week. And now the hunt is over...not. I want more of them - in different colours and materials. Someone has given the pair I found much love and they've been worn a lot. But you can still see the beautiful pattern showing a japanese dragon and a bonsai tree.

I remember that my mum used to have earrings like these in the 80's. I always played with them, pretending that they were folding fans for my Barbie dolls. I must admit that I still can't leave them alone. I find myself folding them back and forth all the time.